Factory Tour
Malibu Boats Factory Tour Information
Malibu Boats offers a stunning tour of the world’s top-selling and highest-performing water sports boats on the market today! Join us on a tour through the factory and meet the people who are making the “Malibu difference”.At Malibu, you have an open invitation to take one of our factory tours Monday through Thursday from 9 AM to 4 PM.See first handINNOVATION’s innovation, quality, and performance details have earned us 19 Boat of the Year Awards.

Malibu Boats was founded in 1982 based on some very simple principles that continue to drive us today – Build the best boat possible for a fair price and have fun doing it.Malibu Boats is comprised of two boat brands, Axis Wake Research and Malibu. Both brand’s boats are built with equal and unwavering attention to quality and construction.Axis is our newest brand and is focused on bringing a new level of performance, style, and quality to the entry priced segment of the market. While Malibu Boats is our flagship brand centered on leading the industry in performance, luxury, and innovation.

We maintain separate styles and products within each brand but their core and their construction is simply, The Malibu Way.You will quickly learn everything related to boat construction is based on performance-minded research and development. Malibu’s performance is a collection of three decades worth of ideas born from experience and precisely designed components that all come together on the water.

We will fly you out and give you a private tour of the factory. Please contact us about a complementary visit.

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