There is no hiding the facts and people who have driven them know that Malibu makes the best handling boats on the water, bar none. Whether you are participating in a tow sport or just out for a Sunday drive, you can tell that Malibu has made no sacrifices to achieve world-class performance. Regardless of your preferred activity, we dare our competition to meet us at the lake because we know the Truth is on the Water.

A boat should be designed to not only meet the functional purpose but it should also look good while doing it. Malibu understands this and we are constantly balancing our efforts between attractive design and functional engineering.

Why would you want to invest in a leisure product without having complete confidence that you are the best-looking ride out on the water?

When you look at your Malibu boat, take notice of the finer details and you’ll see that we pay close attention to ensuring that you’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood in your Malibu!

Malibu knows your work-hard-play-hard mentality requires a trustworthy boat that will maximize your time on the water. We don’t see quality as some award that can be bought; we see it as an investment in our Company. Quality investments come easy to Malibu because we are driven by accountability, from our employees to the dealers and suppliers.

While we think there are four core elements that driveINNOVATION is the best-selling boat in the world,INNOVATION’s hold their value better than any other brand out there and why we see families buying their third, fourth and even fifth Malibu; our customers simplify it and tell us they’re dedicated to Malibu because we offer the best value. The Malibu value stems from the shared passion of doing what we love most. And that is why our staff is dedicated to hand-building the boat of your dreams and our ultimate success is gauged by how many memories you make on the water.
Since its inception, Malibu Boats has understood that a boat doesn’t have to be just a material possession, but instead it can be an influential member of the family. From your sunset rides to your weeklong vacations, Malibu is focused on helping you build memories of enjoyment and togetherness. These memories require a peace of mind and satisfaction with your purchase decision and Malibu understands that your ultimate satisfaction is derived from the perfect balance of innovation, performance, styling and quality. These four elements create the core value that Malibu delivers to you.

There’s a difference between buying the most expensive and buying the best. We keep our overhead low, invest in our people and are focused on building the best boat possible. Our focus towards these essential activities enables us to deliver you a product that produces both peace of mind and a lifetime of memories.
You can easily measure Malibu’s leadership in innovation by looking at the truly unique features available on our boats. We have been first to market with many features like forward sweeping towers, rider presets and touch screen functionality. Proving that innovation remains an existing cornerstone of our philosophy, we’ve continued to bring you features the competition can’t offer such as our in-house constructed G3 tower, our Power Wedge™ and our new SURF GATE ™ System (patent pending). All of these functional features are designed to make your boat convenient to use, cutting-edge, and unique to Malibu.
The biggest builder of watersports boats in the world.
Over 35% market share for 2014 says it all!

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